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One Wish, One Choice

By Abby Hope Patrick

Supporting Sorcerers is a crime.

Using magic, a death sentence.

When she unwittingly saves a Sorcerer’s life, Anja Scravers, a talented young hacker, is forced to acknowledge magic exists. The gift he gives her might be the only thing that can save her brother.

Fighting against a world that hates anything it can’t control, Anja must rely on herself, her friends and the gift to succeed.

Can she pay the price needed to save him, and if not, what will she sacrifice to get her revenge?

This young adult, dystopian novel by debut teen author, Abby Hope Patrick, will have you hooked from the beginning. The story is a blend of magic and action, with diverse characters and immersive writing filled with twists and turns. Recommended for fans of Legend by Marie Lu, Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth, Into The Crooked Place by Alexandra Christo

Available on Amazon as ebook or paperback – 1st September 2020

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Some reviews:

“I think bravery is different for everyone. For some, it’s keeping their mouth closed when it would be easier not to. For others, it’s speaking out when the world tells you to stay silent…Bravery is stepping up when it would be easier to stay hidden. To do something that scares you shitless because it’s what you believe it right.”
I have so many emotions right now oh my goodness. One, Wish, One Choice completely blew me away. I can’t believe the author is 17 years old. She’s written a brilliant book. I think the best part of this story was the characters and relationships between them. Somehow, in only 262 pages, Abby made these characters feel REAL. Each one of them has a well-developed personality with defining characteristics. They all manage to feel remarkably human, with flaws and vulnerabilities and strengths. This book was so fast paced, I was never bored. AND THE ENDING. I’m in PAIN. I need book 2 NOW!! 

I can’t wait for the next in the series! 
Strong friendships and witty lines; if you’re a fan of books with compelling characters, plot and dialogue I recommend this book.
I feel lucky to have been able to read this fantastic debut novel ahead of its release. 
The author excelled in natural worldbuilding, allowing you to ease into the story whilst filling in detail to set this engaging plot in motion. I enjoyed the funny, realistic dialogue which brought the characters to life, showing their youth and each individual personality. The characters were so relatable and formed amazing relationships that I even felt jealous. 
I really like the book’s ability to transition from light-hearted moments to serious and fast-paced scenes without feeling stunted or forced. The author managed to capture the main character’s feeling and thoughts in these moments perfectly which I often find is missing from YA novels.
Utterly shocked by the plot twist that I had to read it twice… I think I’m still recovering. 
This was definitely a book that left me craving even more.

What an absolutely astounding debut novel by Abby Patrick. I was very kindly sent an advanced reader copy of this book by the author for an honest review. I had absolutely no expectations as I had never read anything by Abby but I must say I am completely blown away by her talented writing. I fell into Anja’s story straight away and was really rooting for her and the gang by the end of the book. There were a few twists and turns and certainly a shocking ending! One of the best parts for me though was the really natural funny banter between the group of friends that made their personal relationships seem organic and real. I am also happy that the love interest didn’t play a huge role in the plot because I think certain stories don’t need it, and this one didn’t. The author got the balance just spot on. I look forward to reading the sequel!

I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy to read from the author in exchange for an honest (spoiler-free!) review–and boy, did it blow me away. It was fast-paced, funny, real, character-driven, and full of exciting twists and turns.
The short version: READ THIS BOOK. You will not regret it.

C.R.R. Hillin – Author of The Orphan’s Code

The plot was so fast paced and exciting, I didn’t expect any of the absolutely crazy, stressful, heart wrenching things that happened. The atmosphere was incredible too. I definitely felt like I was right there with Anja and her friends throughout.

It was really funny, I loved all the little jokes between everyone. The characters themselves were written perfectly. They each had their own stand out personalities that really brought them into their own. No confusion between who was who or anything like that. The relationships were unique and special to each of them.

The ending shocked me like you wouldn’t believe and it definitely tugged at those heart strings. But it was brilliant, not what I was expecting it to end like at all. It just completely blew me away.

Jessica Jade – Amazon UK review

The Official One Wish, One Choice Playlist

These are the songs that I listened to as I wrote the book – I hope it might help transport you to Anja’s world

How to Build a Successful Bookstagram

Share the joy of books and discover the inside secrets to success in Instagram’s thriving book community

Instagram – with a billion active users, it’s one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. One of its many thriving communities is bookstagram, where readers share ‘bookish’ photos, reviews and discuss their favourite books in enthusiastic detail. But as many more people join every day, it becomes harder to stand out from the crowd.

As a successful bookstagrammer (and recent author) I’m going to share with you all the knowledge and expert tricks I’ve learned over the years of running my @outandabout.books account.

This book covers how to gain followers organically and have your account reach the audience it’s intended for. It covers everything from taking the photos, editing them and writing engaging captions, to making the most out of the ever-changing features the app offers. I’ll also talk about using your account to engage with other readers, authors and even publishers.

And it’s not just my knowledge that fills the pages. I’ve reached out to dozens of other successful bookstagrammers for their best tips and tricks, alongside surveying my bookstagram followers to make sure I covered every aspect of running a book-centred account. This book is filled with advice and helpful thoughts from other bookstagrammers and accounts in the community. It also contains more exclusive interviews focused on how you can use your platform to engage with readers as an author or find customers as a bookish shop.

You’ll learn the basics of setting up your account and what being a respected part of the bookstagram community entails. I’ll help you tackle Instagram’s constantly changing algorithm which can make the difference between your posts being seen and them sinking into oblivion.

Once you’ve established your account there are lots of doors that can open to you, like working as a representative for a bookish shop and being sent advanced reader copies from publishers. But sometimes it’s hard to find these opportunities. I understand how difficult this can be, especially at the beginning, so I’ve interviewed a bookish shop owner and a publicist at Hodder and Stoughton to give you an insight into what they’re looking for when sending out free products to influencers.

This book has everything you could need to know to thrive in the ever-growing world of books on Instagram. 

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5.0 out of 5 stars Super helpful but also a great read in general!

Well the I think the thing that sums up how much I enjoyed and learnt from this book is to say that I read, bookmarked and highlighted it within one day!

I have recently started a studygram, not too different from the bookstagram community, and the amount of bookmarks and annotations I have in this book really shows that this book is SO incredibly helpful for tips and tricks into building up a great Instagram. So anyone who is thinking of starting up their own bookstagram ,this book is E S S E N T I A L!

But not only is this book handy with all the tips, it’s really quite engaging. Usually I find non-fiction books a tad boring (I know, shoot me) but the author found a way to make it personal, especially with the tips from other bookstagrammers and interviews, along with hearing abut the author’s own experiences with their bookstagram.

To sum this up, I’m just going to say, see y’all when I’m a famous studygrammer 😉